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One of San Group’s new primary sawmills opening in 2020

Port Alberni, BC
Canada V9Y 1A1
Phone: 250-723-8181

San Group is also expanding its sawmilling capabilities by constructing a new sawmill in Port Alberni; this will increase production and utilize the full range of species. The primary factor will be San’s ability to process a range of different sized logs, from 3 inches and above, in turn, providing a proactive solution to resolve the under utilization of fibre utilization (waste wood) often accrued from normal harvesting techniques.

The new San Group sawmill will have a real and meaningful impact towards reducing greenhouse gases, and maximizing reforestation efforts, thus helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Learn More

Remanufacturing and Solid Wood Products Plant

San Group’s first primary sawmills on Vancouver Island

Langley, BC
Canada V9Y 1A1
Phone: 250-723-8181

San Group specializes in value added lumber remanufacturing.

With over 30 years experience in the development of value added production, San Group is a global leader in the high value recovery of lumber items. Through a well-diversified product portfolio, San Group has the ability to service a multitude of markets globally.

The primary remanufacturing plant is located in Langley BC, Canada.

One of San Group’s new primary sawmills opening in 2020

Port Alberni, BC
Canada V9Y 1A1
Phone: 250-723-8181

San Group’s specialized engineered wood products plant is a state of the art facility located in Port Alberni, BC. A break through product San Group manufactures is an engineered tongue and groove cladding material – manufactured using CLEAR fine grain Western Red Cedar, it is unmatched by any other fibre in the world.

Due to the precious and unique nature of this fibre, San Group have developed an innovative manufacturing method that creates up to 10X the yield of each fine grain log harvested.  

Traditionally, these products are manufactured as one solid piece, but through research and development, our product consists of a front facing piece of fine grain CLEAR cedar and a backing of a lower grade cedar.

Our innovative method ensures our cladding product is one of the most durable interior and exterior building products tested. Proven to withstand the rigors of the most intense climates.




From logs to lumber, we concentrate on our clients. Our 30 + years of manufacturing lumber has allowed us to understand that our clients are the most important aspect in our business. Thus, we focus on our customer’s wants and needs – quality products, timely service and relationships are our differentiation.

Everyday, we listen to our customers and then strive to satisfy their needs and surpass their expectations!

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Port Alberni Mill

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