Coastal Saw Mills


San Group’s primary saw mill is located on the Coast of British Columbia, Canada in the City of Port Alberni. It is one of British Columbia’s most historic lumber cities, with its saw milling roots dating back to the 1800s

Advanced Wood Value Added Manufacturing Plant


One of the largest and most innovative value-added wood  products manufacturing plants in North America – over 300,000sqft facility with 7 interconnected buildings. Developing over 45 finished wood products for global distribution

Acorn Forest Products Ltd.


 “Acorn’s complementary sawmilling technology, customer base, and geographic footprint make it an excellent fit with our value-added business model, and the transaction strengthens our global wood products export base,”

SAN Terminals


We provide world class marine and shipping facilities for Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland of British Columbia and the US markets.

Value-added Industry Impact



Investment into the BC



Increase in 

Hiring, Since 2020




increase in fiber yield


Thousand SQFT

value-added facility

From Harvest to Home™

San Group is a multi-level horizontally and vertically integrated forestry company designed to manufacture the best value added forestry products in the world. From Harvest to Home, we control the entire supply chain – focused on downstream value added manufacturing each step of the process aims to extend the lives of our forests by creating more with less. Our innovative methodology  increases the yield of our wood products and this multi-level process is carefully administered at our value-added plants throughout British Columbia, intelligent wood manufacturing at its highest degree. San Group developing 100% Canadian-made value added, low carbon based, environmentally friendly, renewable wood products – from Harvest to Home

San Group Corporate News

7km Value-Added Process

Over the past few years we have built an innovative manufacturing process consisting of a network of plants designed to optimize utilization and decrease waste in order to produce eco-friendly, carbon conscious building materials. From start to finish our entire process is completed within a 7km radius –  traditionally, this process may take thousands of km’s to achieve the same results.





San Group is addressing the waste fibre issue in a proactive way by constructing a new mill on the Coast of British Columbia, designed to fully utilize logs 3 inches in diameters and above. We are working to mitigate the issue of 2.6 million cubic meters left behind as under-utilized fibre. In turn, this reduces greenhouse gases and maximizes reforestation efforts, providing a solution to help reduce the forest industries overall carbon footprint.

Integrated Value-Added Supply Chain

From Harvest to Home™

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